May 21, 1-3pm

Brighton High School

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Special Event: Saturday, May 21

The Science of Recovery

With Dr. Kevin McCauley

1-3pm at Brighton High School, Auditorium

Early recovery can be a frightening time, yet several groups of people have excellent success rates getting into long-term remission. This  exciting new area of “Recovery Management” frames recovery as a safety issue rather than a moral issue, In his new film, Memo to Self: Protecting Sobriety with the Science of Safety,  Dr. McCauley shows how long-term recovery is not only possible, it can be expected. Join us for a lively discussion of what addiction really is, and what it takes to recover.


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Fimmaker & Co-Founder

Institute of Addiction Study

​Salt Lake City, Utah

Kevin McCauley is a world-renown addiction expert, medical doctor, and person in long-term recovery.

Free Overdose Reversal Kits For Families & Friends

Did you know that anyone in the community can get free Naloxone and Opioid & Heroin overdose reversal kits and training?

Strong Recovery

Strong Recovery is offering an Opioid Overdose Prevention Training every first Tuesday of the month from 5:30 pm. to 6:30 pm

WHERE: 300 Critenden Blvd, University of Rochester Campus

To sign up, contact Michele Herrmann at (585) 275-1829 or

Trillium Health

Trillium Health is offering an Opioid Overdose Prevention Training every 4th Saturday of the month from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

WHERE: 259 Monroe Ave

To register online, send email to:

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